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Part 1 Phone Conversations : Link Down

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CAT: Good afternoon, this is CAT Telecom,……Name………….speaking . How may I help you?

AT&T: Yes, please.  My name is Mike , AT&T. I would like to report a link down,

My circuit ID. :  WIATI643242, it has been terrible down since 06.35 GMT.

CAT: WIATI643242, registered by the name of Hilti Thailand. May I have your ticket number, please?

AT&T: Of course, it is 860504029.

CAT: O.K. You reported the circuit is down. Your ticket number is 860504029, your name is Mike. Could you please give me your contact number ?

AT&T: Sure, my contact number  is +1 816 569-7525.

CAT: Let me confirm, it is +1 816 569-7525. Is there an extension number?

AT&T: No. It is a direct number.

CAT: OK. Please wait a moment,  I’ll open the ticket for you. The trouble ticket number is SD1671356.

AT&T: Could you repeat the number ?

CAT: Yes. It is S for Sierra, D for Delta, one six seven one three five six.

AT&T: OK.Thank. Please investigate this issue :  Our customer has verified there is power at the site. Can I have your name please?

CAT: Yes, my name is Waroonsiri.

AT&T: Can you spell that?

CAT: Yes, It is W for William, A for Able, R for Roger, double O for Obor, N for Nancy, S for Sugar, I for Item, R for Roger and I for Item.

AT&T: Thank you. When can I call you for an update?

CAT: In about an hour. Would you like us to send an update by email?

AT&T: Yes, please. My email is support@att.com

CAT: Can you please confirm? Your email is support@att.com. Correct?

AT&T: Yes, that is correct.

CAT: I will hurry and try to update you as soon as possible.

AT&T: Thank you. Have a nice day.

CAT: You too. Good bye.