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วันที่ 23 ม.ค. 2562, 11:35   โดย นาย ชูพงศ์ ภู่ภมร

Part 1 Phone Conversations : Inquiring about a circuit update

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CAT: Good morning, this is IDMC Bangkok. May I help you?

KDDI: My name is Yuki from KDDI GNOC. Can you please provide an update about our circuit?

CAT: Yes. Do you have a CAT ID or ticket number?

KDDI: Yes, the CAT ID is WIKDI144557 and the Ticket SD166594.

CAT: Ok, please hold on, I will check the information.

CAT: Sorry to keep you waiting.

KDDI: It’s ok.

CAT: The last update is CAT ID WIKDI144557. I would like to inform you that the circuit has been changed from WIKDI144557 to WIKDNI135772.

KDDI: Really?

CAT: Yes and the service has changed from leased line to MPLS Sevice since 25 October 2017. Please record this information for your database.

KDD: Oh I am sorry I gave you the wrong information. May I know the new update?

CAT: For the Ticket SD166594, we were monitoring from our management system and found the alarm power off at the customer media converter since 09.45 15 May 2018. Right now we have sent the trouble ticket to the field engineer and they are trying to contact your customer but no one has answered. If it is possible, I would like you to contact and check with your customer first. It is the weekend, so I think your customer has turned off their power system.

KDDI: Thank you for the update. Our team will try to contact our customer. Please hold your ticket for monitoring and I will call back. Good bye.

CAT: You're welcome goodbye.