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Part 1: Phone Conversations : Updating a customer

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NOC: Hello, I am calling from NOC CAT Telecom. May I speak to Mr. Vichai please?

Operator: One moment please.

Customer: Hello this is Vichai speaking.

NOC: Hello Mr. Vichai, I am calling from NOC CAT Telecom about ticket number SD 128521.   I would like to tell you that the reason the circuit flapping happened between 10.00 – 11.00 GMT was because at that time in the local area there was heavy rain and a storm which impacted the electricity. The MEA was out of service for a long time and the UPS ran out. The system was then down after 11.00 GMT so the MEA could fix the power system. It has now recovered and is back to normal.

Customer: Oh !! I see, thank you for the information.

NOC: Do you have any questions?

Customer: No I think I got all the information. Thank you bye.

NOC: Bye