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Part 2 Email Conversations : Circuit down

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From: "KDDI GNOC HCM" <operations@gnoc.kddi.com>
To: "cusserv i" <cusserv.i@cattelecom.com>
Cc: "KDDI GNOC HCM" <operations@gnoc.kddi.com>
Sent: Monday, May 28, 2018 5:11:42 PM
Subject: Circuit Hard Down || TOSHIBA LIGHTING COMPONENTS (THAILAND) LTD. || KDD#2577004

1. We have detected a circuit is down. The details are as follows:

-Circuit ID: WDI151654
-Phenomenon: line down
-Occurrence time: 2018/05/28 9:35:10 (GMT)

2. The CAT Telecom Call Center has already opened a trouble ticket, the number is SD1664671.

3. CAT FE found that the cable was cut 7.16 km. from Banpatum -Bangkradi. CAT FE is fixing the issue and they will let you know more details asap.

4. 60 fiber cores were cut due to a power surge far from  Banpatum - Bangkradi )7.16 km) and fixed  by   re-splicing.

5. We have detected that the circuit is back to normal. Please keep this ticket on-hold until we get closure permission from the  end-customer.

6. Please kindly CLOSE this ticket.


Thanks for your support at this time.

Best regards,


Nippipat Chandoo  (New)
Network Provisioning Management Section
Tel: +66-2-104-1888
Fax: +66-2-104-2666
Email: nippipat.c@cattelecom.com
Website: http://www.cattelecom.com