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Part 2 Email Conversations : Response to a list of questions

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From: Cusserv


Subject: Link Down - Troubleshooting Request <CAT#SD1670167> JTEKT (THAILAND) CO., LTD. <KDDI#2585511>


Dear KDDI team,

Please see the answers to your questions below:


Q1. Why did it take so long to find the trouble point? It took over 4 hours after the fiber was cut for it to get fixed. Was it because you did not have enough FE resource because it was early in the morning or was there a major CAT network outage?

A. The reason for the delay was that it was early and the cut point was not clear (it was not broken apart). The location was also difficult to access (it was in the forest).


Q2. Would you please provide your plan towards Q1?  We would like to minimize the time you need to locate faulty portions.

A. It was out of CAT SLA. Our quality team will get back to you later with an improvement plan.


Q3. Is it possible to bury this cable under the ground to avoid the cable being cut by a third party or possible vandalism? Would there be any other way to avoid future problems such as a regular patrol (every 24 hours) or possibly a camera to monitor cables?

A.  Our quality team will meet and let you know our thoughts at a later date.


Q4. How long is it from LE to customer site?

A. It takes around 30 min.


Q5. Is there any reroute path between LE and the customer site?  In the first restoration plan you reported to reroute this circuit to another path.

A. No, there is no reroute path. Normally this circuit does not provide protection between the last exchange and the customer. If you need this to be done please contact the CAT sales team.


Q6. Can you detect the cut fiber optic 24 core by OTDR? If so, would it take around 30 minutes at most to find the trouble portion even though the 24 core was not completely cut?

A. Yes, we can.


Feel free to contact us if any further information is needed.


Best Regards,




Montree Chindarat  (NON)
Network Provisioning Management Section